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40kW BURNiT Pelleburn installation in Rathfriland, Co.Down

40kW BURNiT Pelleburn Pellet Boiler

Here is an example of a 40kW BURNiT Pelleburn Pellet Boiler installed in conjunction with a 3.5 tonne galvanised pellet store. The store is connected directly into the burner via a 3m external auger for simplicity.

A purpose built boiler room was constructed for the Pelleburn, that also has the original oil boiler.

Since the oil boiler was still relatively new, the decision was made to keep it alongside the new pellet boiler. Renewable Energy Solutions have come up with a quite unique boiler control panel that allows the customer to change seamlessly between the two. It also features a pellet silo low indicator along with oil boiler faults and frost protection.

Having a 3.5 tonne store means that the customer will have to fill up twice a year. This is a procedure that is fairly familiar to a previous oil consumer.

The Pelleburn will allow the customer to benefit from both the RHPP and the RHI.

This installation was designed and carried out by Renewable Energy Solutions in Co Down.

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