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15 Insanely Easy 60-Minute Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement doesn’t only mean big hefty jobs like painting the house, lawn makeover, or deck building. Coating a kitchen cabinet, changing a faucet, or showerheads, are examples of home improvement projects requiring less effort and could be completed within an hour.

In this post, I have listed fifteen easy-to-do home makeover projects which you could complete within just 60-minutes. These projects will transform your houses into beautiful dwellings. And would also boost its value.

15 Insanely Easy 60-Minute Home Improvement Projects

Simple 60-Minute Home Improvement Tasks – By Jessica Watson

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1 Lawn Makeover

Lately, we have been spending much of our time indoors, playing with kids, working from home, and gardening over the weekend. Planting colorful flowers is an effortless job. And when you have transformed your lawn into a picturesque landscape, people will fall in love and die trying to buy it from you.

I recall the time when my granny was buying her new bungalow. She was very fond of flowers and outdoor spaces, and so it was pinned at the top of her wishlist. Searching through bungalows for sale over the internet helped us find the one with an oversized front yard, full of colorful flowers along the pathway and two trees standing tall on two corners.

2 Get New Slipcovers and Rugs

Bright-colored slipcovers and rugs will brighten up your living room and give a new appearance.

3 Restyle Your Bookcase

Remove all the dust from your books, clean the boxes, give a new shine to the bookcase, and re-arrange the ingredients with style. This job is as easy as said.

4 Clean the Pathway, Driveway, and Gutter

Clean and shiny homes always outvalue stained houses. It’s definitely not an everyday task since it could be a time-consuming and exhausting job. And it’s undoubtedly not a 60-minutes job when you start cleaning using simple equipment or tools.

But when you have a pressure washer, your job gets super easy. This tool is readily available on Amazon and could be bought for around $160. This device will de-grime your driveway, pathway, gutters, and more and in no time.

5 Apply Window Films

Window films serve two ways:

(a) they add privacy and

(b) add beauty.

While you can go for tinted windows, but these would only protect you from prying eyes. They’ll not add grace. To get a complete package, get window films serving both purposes.

6 Upgrade Your Showerheads

When you’re living under your roof, you can change anything anytime (almost). So why not change those out-of-line showerheads?

It doesn’t require calling a professional plumber. You could easily remove it, get a new one of the same size from the nearby store, and fix the new one to add style.

7 Change Faucet

You have upgraded your showerheads. Why not upgrade your faucet? Changing the faucet is a little complicated, but only when compared to upgrading the showerheads. It’s way easier than fixing leaking water pipes.

8 Homegrown Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs

60-Minute Home Improvement Projects

While the young still prefer eating out, mid-agers and above are more inclined towards healthy-home eating. That leads to a rising trend of homegrown vegetables, fruits, herbs, fresh dairy products, and so on.

You can’t have a dairy farm in your house. But you surely can grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs on your home ground. There are several ways to do so.

Say you live in a bungalow in Oakville and have plenty of outdoor space. You could either plant your favorite veggies on the ground or install a raised bed and do the job. Installing a raised bed might take a couple of hours. But once you have it, planting your vegetable won’t take long.

Even if you don’t want a raised bed, you always plant the veggies on the ground and get a fresh and healthy diet.

9 Get a New Chandelier

If you have been to a restaurant lately, you could bring in the restaurant feel in your dining. If you could replace your big table with a 36- to 48-inch round version and have a giant chandelier overhead.

10 Get More Kitchen Space

Too much storage space, but still too little. Has it occurred to you?

My exiting house’s kitchen is way too small, tiny space for the items. So, I installed some cabinets above the sink and some sideways. You could do the same to make the most of your space.

Remember, installing the storage is not the hard part, though bringing it in could take longer.

11 Update Your Hardware

Have you ever noticed that the handle on your kitchen cabinet losses every now and then? It could be due to loose screws, or the cabinet door is aging out.

Be it any of the two reasons, this task is again easy to handle. Of course, the much more manageable task is replacing the handle. But if the door is the troubling factor, changing it is also not a big deal. Although, getting the similar one could be challenging.

There could be many other similar things that might need a quick fix. Look for them and deal with them before they fell off.

12 Lubricant Noisy Doors

Living in an older house brings some drawbacks like squeaky doors or floors. If you face a similar problem, much of the work could be done by lubricating the door’s hinges. For the floor, sprinkle some talcum powder and sweep it into the crack.

13 Duct Cleaning

Dryer in your home may lose its performance. It doesn’t always mean that you need to replace it or call a professional. It could be because of dirt deposited in the duct.

Another easy job! Bring in your vacuum, apply a little force to move the dryer away from the wall, unplug the dryer, disconnect the ductwork, and clean it with your vacuum. Turn everything back on, and check if the dryer is working well. If yes, you did a great job. If not, worry not and call a professional.

14 Paint Your Windows

I can’t suggest painting a wall as it will take more than an hour. But painting your bedroom window could take less than an hour.

If you tend to keep your house, you can play with it as much you would like. If your room has white walls, go green or royal blue on your windows. And for a darker room, go light on windows.

15 Change Your Switch Plate Covers

Replace outdated switch covers with modern-day covers. Another way to give these switches a new look is to show some artwork.

Remove the covers and spread a coat of vibrant colors.

Author Bio: Jessica is working with Bungalow Finder as a content writer and realtor. Though her core passion is writing for the real estate market, she often helps her clients find new bungalows for sale in Ontario.

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