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Big Green Show in Swindon

Big Green Show in Swindon

The Big Green Show is in Swindon this weekend from the 26 to 28 October.

It is a good chance to meet up with experts across the “green” construction spectrum.

We will be there supporting Ecomerchant and if you wanted to see our wood pellet boilers or simply have a chat then this is a good opportunity.

If you are renovating a home in a rural area then wood pellet boilers are an option you should consider. Other forms of renewable heating can need very high levels of insulation, almost to a Passive House standard, to be effective.

Wood pellet boilers are more responsive to rapid changes in temperature than Air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps or solar thermal.

Wood pellets are a cheaper form of fuel than oil (and at the moment gas) so this can save you money on your heating bills. These wood pellet boilers are also accredited and can get the home owner a grant called the “Renewable Heat Incentive”.

The Big Green Show does have a number of seminars and is an excellent chance to find out new things to help drive your development forward.

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