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Energy Independence company launched

Plentifuel aim to create local supply chains and promoting heating systems within the New Forest area which will burn almost any kind of wood fuel and still be eligible for government subsidies, bringing down the cost of heating in rural areas for those who need it most, helping the environment and promoting energy independence.

Nick has recently graduated from the Hampshire School of Social Entrepreneurs and as well as developing his business plan with Stewart they have been developing an effective low cost way of drying wood to make logs, wood chip, and pellets for heating.

They are currently looking to test their drying method on some cut timber in the New Forest area. If you have a lot of wood that you would like drying then they would be happy to hear from you.

Contact them on Facebook and twitter for more information

Nick has pointed out that most fuel or energy is provided by large corporations. In an age where large corporations get larger and more international the distance our fuel travells increases and our understanding of who produces it and the effects this may have on the environment are more difficult to understand.

For instance where does our gas come from? Where will it come from? Where does our oil come from? Where will it come from?

Biomass or more simply “wood” is a great way to be “energy independent”. On one hand wood pellets are cheaper to produce if made by a large manufacturer such as Verdo Renewables, but part of the attraction of moving into renewable heating is to be independent of larger companies, do as much of it as you can by yourself to feel connected to your local area.

One of the problems of logs is being able to store and dry them effectively. Plentifuel believes they have the answer to this and a model that can help individuals who want to keep their heating costs down.

Community groups and community interest companies may be a good way forward as there is a lot of wood availble, not just in the New Forest. This offers choice to the market, which can only be a good thing.

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