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Home Technology That Helps to Cut Down Energy Bills

There are lots of ways that you can save money on your energy bills at home, many of them involving things like switching tariff, taking shorter showers, and washing your clothes on a lower temperature.

Here are some of the best techy solutions to cutting down on your energy bills.

These are all great, of course, but if you’re looking for more technologically advanced ways to save on your energy, you’re in luck – there are a vast range of gadgets out there.

The modern home is getting smarter. Alongside SMART TVs, voice-activated home hubs, and new-fangled heating solutions there are loads of gadgets that actually help you cut down on your energy bills. Here they are!

Home-Tech That Helps to Cut Down Energy Bills – More efficient shower-heads

Most shower-head attachments are interchangeable so that you can use other brands and models. There are lots out there that work better and more efficiently – the average shower lasts around eight minutes and uses around 60 litres of water in that time – so keep that in mind when you’re shower-head shopping.

What an energy-efficient shower-head does is restrict the volume of water coming out, releasing water at a more moderate rate without sacrificing heat. Many models come with a selection of spray-patterns to give you a customisable shower experience.

Home-Tech – LED bulbs

LED bulbs are a mainstay of money-saving home tech – on average, an LED bulb has a life of around 50,000 hours and can reduce your energy costs by up to 90%! It also gives off very little heat, unlike a conventional halogen bulb, which is always really hot to touch (that’s your money burning there).

One thing to remember: go for some of the more recognisable and respected brands. Buying cheaper models of LED lights can be a little dangerous, because they’ve been known to short-circuit.

Home-Tech – Monitor your energy consumption

The key to getting cheaper energy bills is understanding exactly how much energy you’re consuming, and what it’s costing you. Easier said than done with the majority of traditional providers, we know: which is why we recommend energy-usage monitors.

You’ll get clear insight into how much energy you’re using in real-time, or how much you’ve used in the recent past. This is your best way of really getting to grips with your consumption habits, and it’ll help you save in the process (only if you actively make a change, of course!).

Home-Tech That Helps to Cut Down Energy Bills

Home-Tech – Infrared heating is the future

Infrared heating is at the forefront of renewable modern heating, and its technology is tailored perfectly for the modern space. Unlike conventional heating, infrared heaters do not warm the air per se – instead, they reflect infrared rays from the environment to heat rooms far more organically than traditional radiators. You’ll find that you warm up more moderately than you do with traditional heating, because infrared is far more efficient.

Home-Tech – Window- and door-sensors

A great deal of home technology is security-focused, and this includes window- and door-sensors. The primary function of these gadgets is to alert you when windows and doors are opened in your property. By text or email, you’ll know when someone (or something) could be attempting a break-in.

That’s not all, though. You’ll never leave a window or door open again – you’ll trap heat in during the colder months, so you don’t have to rely on central heating.

Home-Tech – Smart outlets and power-strips

The age-old bugbear of good-natured money-savers is the leaving on of electrical switches around the house. If your electronics or appliances are plugged in but switched off, some of them can still use power. Phantom energy (or ‘vampire energy’) is the slivers of electricity that are still drawn from outlets even when the equipment connected is turned off.

It’s a little here and a little there, but a little here and a little there often adds up. What smart outlets and power-strips do is connect plugs to the wall and allow you to control them remotely. They look just like normal extension cables, but are a whole lot smarter!

Make your home smarter

There you have it: six of the best, most home-accessible pieces of technology that will save you money on your bills. It’s time that more homeowners embraced technology when it comes to money-saving: making sure that you always turn your lights off is only half the battle!

Author Bio: Callum Dawson is a writer for Project Solar UK, one of the UK’s most-trusted providers of solar energy products.

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