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How To Change Your Domestic Solar Panels Battery

Change Battery For Your Domestic Solar Panels

How To Change Battery For Your Domestic Solar Panels?

The world has advanced technologically, but some critical issues have come up with this advancement. Due to the extensive use of nonrenewable energy, the environment is in much danger. Many experts have warned that the world will become unlivable in the future if we continue on this trajectory. Therefore, opting for alternative clean and renewable energy sources is the way to go. This will ensure that less strain is put on the atmosphere due to increasing greenhouse gasses and pollution.

One such alternative source of electricity is solar panels. This technology has advanced to the point that you can use it domestically. However, many users of solar panels are still unsure as to how solar panels need to be maintained. This is only natural with the technology being so recent. We are here to help you out by showing you how you can change the battery of your domestic solar panels. This will ensure that you can continue using clean and renewable energy.

Let’s dive in.

Why should you change your solar panel battery?

This is something you will likely be wondering about. After all, solar panels don’t supply electricity directly and do not need batteries for this purpose. You can quickly check this using analog panel meters. While this may be the case, you will only be able to use any immediate power generated. At night, solar panels will not be able to create enough electricity which means they will be pointless. Batteries can store this energy, ensuring that you can use more renewable energy and take advantage of savings. This can be especially useful during peak hours or at night when insufficient light is present. Therefore, if your battery is not operational or has a defect, you should change your solar panel battery to make the most out of it. Additionally, the latest battery models provide much more advantages, further reducing bills for you.

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Information about solar panel batteries

Solar panel batteries differ from the traditional batteries you are more familiar with. For starters, they are much larger in size. Due to recent advancements, you can find that these batteries are the size of small carry-on luggage. However, this size will differ depending on your battery system. Usually, these batteries are available in 4 different sizes, which you can easily carry. We recommend referring to the professional you are dealing with for the battery for the correct size.

Typically, these batteries are fitted in a room where they aren’t exposed for long and are safe from dangers, like a garage or loft room. Solar panel batteries do not come cheap either and can cost you $5000-$7000. However, as this technology advances, these costs will drop too.

How to replace solar panel batteries

You can easily replace solar panel batteries in your existing battery system. You will be able to find it wherever you got it installed inside the home. If you installed your solar battery system outside, this is likely what may have caused the battery to get defective. As a result, we recommend consulting a professional to find the best location for your system. Typically, cooler places are better for the system.

Once you are in front of the system, you need to choose the correct battery size to install. It would be best to disconnect connections such as the solar inverter before you take out the battery. Then simply replace it with the new battery, reconnect the connections and solar inverter, and you’re set.

Solar Battery Replacement – Summary

While the advancement in technology has brought many advantages, it has led to adverse effects on our environment. The environment is in danger, which means opting for alternative, cleaner forms of energy are the way. Solar panels are one such way to generate clean electricity that produces a significantly lower carbon footprint.

But since this technology is relatively new, it can not be very clear to understand. This includes being able to change the battery of domestic solar panels. Changing it is in your best interest as it can lead to better savings due to more saved electricity. We have discussed what you need to know about these batteries and how you can change them. We hope this article proves helpful to you and enables you to change your solar panel battery with ease.

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