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How to Make Green Home Improvements to Your Home

Green Home

Becoming Eco-friendly may be easier than you think. First of all, you have great motivators. Not only are you doing a good deed for the environment, but green homes are generally more desirable on the house market. What is more, your utility bills will diminish. All this is possible with a few alternations of your home, or your lifestyle. Some improvements are costly, while others are extremely cheap. So, here is what you need to do to make your home “greener”.

Green garden

Shockingly, not every green space is eco-friendly enough. If you have a big lawn requiring litres and litres of water in order to remain so, then you are definitely not doing the nature a favour. Sit down and redesign your garden from scratch. Introduce some succulents or local resistant species. Also, it goes without saying you could be growing your own fruits and vegetables here, which is practical, tasty and healthy.

Get a smarter home

Smart technologies aren’t just limited to our phones, though they are quite prominent in this respect. By installing some smart additions to your home, you’ll minimize the costs and make your home more comfortable.

For instance, no one likes coming back home from the office only to spend the next half an hour waiting for the heating to warm the place up. Moreover, high heating bills aren’t that appealing either. So, why not install a smart heating system allowing you to adjust the heating with just one tap on the mobile app? This is very practical when you’re coming back from vacation, too.

Speaking of temperature, installing a thermostat is another bright idea. Lowering the average temperature by just a couple degrees can save up to 10% of energy per year.

You can get smart in the bathroom, too. A smart showerhead may seem like an expensive toy, especially since you can answer the phone on it or listen to your favourite tunes, and some have lights changing colour according to the temperature. Either way, they won’t be wasting water like the old showerheads. For example, there is a 5L model on the market, which means it allows you only 5 litres of water to have a shower with, but this is quite sufficient.

Inevitable insulation

If your heating or air conditioning bills are getting bigger and bigger every year, don’t blame it on the greenhouse effect. The real culprit may be hiding in the walls and roofs of your home. Bad insulation is responsible for the fact your home is losing the coveted temperature. In order to resolve the issue, you should tackle the overall insulation of your home, or at least the most worrying parts.

Let’s start from the roof, as large amounts of energy are lost if the attic is poorly insulated. Loose-fill or batt insulation is used for the purpose. Blown-in insulation is recommended for wall insulation when redecorating, whereas for a home which is being built you can use a myriad of options: insulated panels, insulated concrete blocks, and so on.

When insulating the floors, don’t forget the garage, too. Somewhat alarmingly, your garage is one of the most overlooked parts of your home. If the door is old and low quality, then it’s no wonder your bills are that high. High-quality garage doors are not so difficult to find anymore, and modern garage doors are designed in different colours and styles in accordance with the latest trends. Of course, their main advantage is their role in saving energy and boosting curb appeal.

Green Home — Extra tips

There are a couple of other simple ways to save energy around your home:

Install a low-flush toilet.

Start using the grey water from your household for watering the garden, for instance.

Unplug all the phone chargers which are idly plugged into the sockets.

Buy new appliances, as the latest dishwasher will use much less water than the old one.

If possible, double-glaze the windows and you’ll immediately feel the difference.

Follow the pieces of advice we have suggested, and enjoy their effects. The best thing about green home improvements is the fact that they immediately raise the standard of living, making your and your family’s lives more enjoyable.

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