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How Wooden Flooring Can Help Warm Your Home In Winter

Winter is at its peak, and hot beverages and thick blankets are back in use in the home. If you live in a cold region, you will likely have the heating on to handle the cold. The challenge is that heating can be expensive, especially during peak timings.

So, in such a case, what can someone do to keep their home warmer in winter to ensure savings and a more comfortable environment?

One way is through the use of wooden flooring.

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Wood is an excellent material used in various aspects of homes. Many have used timber to spruce their garden with composite decking ideas. Similarly, it can be an excellent material for your indoor flooring too. You may be wondering how wooden flooring can warm your home better than carpeting does.

Wooden Flooring Helps Circulate Heat Throughout Your Home

When you look at the materials carpet and wood, there are some key differences. One such difference is that wood is a heat conductor and carpet is a heat insulator. This means that when carpet comes in contact with heat, it absorbs it, restricting it from moving around the house. However, wood is a conductor, letting the heat move around your home.

People have a false notion that carpet flooring keeps the house warmer, but that isn’t true. In fact, your furnace or heater will be doing a lot more work to cause carpeting to dissipate heat compared to wooden flooring. Therefore, wooden flooring can be a better option to keep your home warm during the winter.

Wooden Flooring Maintains Heat In Your Home

Wooden flooring can help provide heating in your home that lasts for a long time, courtesy of its material properties. Wood is a material with a higher thermal mass than materials like carpeting. This property means that wooden flooring can absorb and store heat for a long time and then slowly dissipate it to keep your home warm. This can also apply to other solid materials like ceramic and concrete, but these do not have the warming properties that wooden flooring has.

Additionally, carpeting does not dissipate heat as the carpet fibers become a barrier to restrict it. In this way, you can have heating that lasts longer throughout the day, ensuring no dramatic change in temperature. In addition, you also save a lot of money on utilities because you will not have to turn on the heating for a long time.

Wooden Flooring Can Help You Save Money On Heating

Not only will wooden flooring keep your house warm but it will also reduce utility bills. In this way, you can save money enabling you to turn your heating on for longer, should the need arise. You will be able to feel a lot more comfortable in your home during the winter with wooden flooring.

You can further increase these savings by using other strategies to further improve the warming quality of wooden flooring:

  • Insulate outside walls to prevent heat from leaving the home
  • Add rugs to the flooring to keep your feet warm
  • Add curtains to windows to prevent heat from escaping and cold air from entering
  • Insulate the basement to prevent heat loss
  • Wear warm clothes to keep warm and cosy.

Despite these options, one of the very best ways to keep your home is to install wooden flooring. Consider installing wooden flooring into your home and see your heating bill drop.

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