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How to Protect the Environment with Your Choice of Household Appliances

Protect the Environment

Protecting the environment and trying to stay eco-friendly is the main task of our generation. If we wish to leave our children a healthy world they can build on, all of us need to make an effort and change the way we live our daily lives. The biggest problem with the environment today isn’t just the pollution or a general lack of sustainability, but a belief that there’s nothing we can do – most people say that the ship has sailed, yet that’s rather far away from the truth. If we want to make a difference, we need to start small and focus on our homes, and learning how to protect the environment with the choice of household appliances is the first step towards the solution.

The importance of energy-efficient appliances

earth friendly

Protecting Planet Earth starts with one small step: picking the right house appliances. While they all may look the same, there are major differences and a couple of things you need to do when purchasing them. First, measure the free space you have before purchasing a new appliance and be sure to leave enough space for ventilation. Additionally, consider the estimated energy use: new models have clear signs that tell you the estimated energy consumption and that’s a clear indication of how efficient and expensive your new appliance is going to be in the long run. So, make sure to pick a model that’s more energy-efficient, even if it’s not the cheapest one on the market.
Also, pay attention to energy-efficiency offers because some retails offer a special deal for models that are more efficient than the others, and they come with a cash rebate and low-interest loans that make them much more affordable. In the end, learn why unplugging the appliances when they’re not in use is important, and you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of money that way too.

Energy Star seal of approval

Energy Star seal of approval

If you’re in doubt when choosing between models, just check whether they come with an Energy Star logo. This certifies that a product is created in accordance with the US Environmental Protection Agency laws and is supported by the US Department of Energy, and that it’s, in short, the best option for every household. These models help you save more energy and money month after month, while also protecting our environment.

Unfortunately, not all brands are Energy Star certified and not every model you buy is energy-efficient, no matter how expensive it is. That’s why you need to opt for reliable and well-known brands and models, such as trustworthy Electrolux appliances that come with an Energy Star logo. They won’t just satisfy all your needs, but will also save you a ton of energy and money in the years to come.

Appliances to focus on to Protect the Environment

The problem with energy consumptions is that not all household appliances can be as efficient as you’d like them to be, so focusing on a handful of them might make more sense than lamenting over the fact that not all can be fully efficient. The appliances that consume the most energy are the A/C, the water heater, the washer/dryer, the refrigerator and the dishwasher, and these are the ones you should shift your attention to.

After buying a fridge equipped with an Energy Star logo, for instance, you have to treat it properly if you want it to reach the perfect level of energy consumption: adjust the temperature differently in the summer and the winter, defrost built-up ice from time to time, use the space responsibly and don’t leave the door open for too long. When it comes to using the washer/dryer, remember not to wash the clothes that isn’t dirty, not to use too much detergent and not to overload the dryer because it means that the drying time will be longer. The same goes for your dishwasher as well – use it only when necessary, don’t pre-rinse the dishes and opt for the most energy-efficient washing cycle your model offers.

Although it seems you can’t do much this way, the changes you make by using energy-efficient appliances are quite huge. Therefore, investigate the options a bit, put your mind to it and start saving our planet one day at a time!

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