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Renewable Living approved installers install a range of renewable heating and electrical products across the UK.

This includes:

For 2019 new installation teams are available to under take work in Wiltshire, Avon, Bath and North East Somerset, Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and South Wales.

Biomass Wood Pellet Boiler Installations

Approved installers are Hetas accredited for biomass heating systems.

These fall into 2 categories:

Biomass Room Heaters

Pellet room heaters or log stoves. Our work is the installation of the flue and stove, and confirming that the installation conforms to building regulations.

Biomass Heating Systems

Wood Pellet boiler MCZ Ego

Heating systems include the production of hot water for heating and domestic hot water purposes. These heating products are MCS accredited. Matched to our installation they can be used to claim the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.

These are called biomass boilers and encompass wood pellet boilers, log boilers, wood chip boilers and wood gasification boilers.

Heating systems can be decorative lending to installations inside the main body of the house or larger and more suited to utility or ancillary rooms e.g. garage

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal installations can be used to partner biomass or as a separate unit to produce hot water.

Sunsystem solar panels are excellent value for money and can come as a kit with pump station and water tank.

Solar PV

Solar PV installations are eligible for Feed In Tariff (FIT). If you have a suitable property and want to help with your carbon footprint, then solar PV is a great choice for your property.

Not only will the system begin to pay for itself, but you have the advantage of not having to worry about future electricity bills (something we would all appreciate). You will also be paid for the energy you produce, as well as the energy you contribute back to the grid.

If you are looking for a local installer that can provide good support then please contact us.

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