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How SolarCity Roof Tiles are changing the way we think about house builds

How SolarCity Roof Tiles are changing the way we think about house builds

How Solar City Roof Tiles are changing the way we think about house builds

It is no secret that the homes that we are choosing to live in are changing as time goes by. Gone are the days when a simply home would be enough, now buying who are looking to buy a property will also want to see that it is eco-friendly as well as offering a lower level of energy consumption.

This means that house builders and property developers up and down the UK now need to look at ways that they can make their brand new properties as appealing as possible.

For some it is the latest in glazing, which is designed to keep the warm air in the property and the cold air out, or perhaps top quality installation. It also isn’t uncommon to see properties with a built in method of composting waste.

All of these things are known to help sales, as well as help the environment too.

One other consideration that some property builders are trying out is solar roof panels.

Solar roof panels as they are today

Over the years the solar roof panels have become a popular choice for many home owners and those building new properties. We first started to see them on roofs around the world during 2006 and since then the popularity, whether you love them or not, has grown and grown.

They work by harnessing the power of the sun and transferring it into energy. It is a hugely beneficial form of renewable energy because the sun will never run out. Even though at times it may feel that we don’t see enough of it.

Houses up and down the UK are embracing the power of solar energy and this number seems set to rise. However, there has been one perceived downside of this particular approach to powering your home, and that is the look.

SolarCity Roof Tiles – The dawn of a new option- solar roof tiles

Whilst there are a whole raft of benefits to installing solar roof panels into your home, some people are still not keen on the idea. Some people are concerned that roof tiles, as we see them now, are a bit of a blot on the landscape and having them may harm their chances of selling their property, or the profit that they can expect to achieve.

Thanks to technology advances, it seems that a brand new option is open to those who like the idea of installing solar roof panels to their property, but are concerned about the way that they look.

These come in the form of solar roof tiles. Designed and manufactured by the eco giant Tesla after they acquired SolarCity, solar roof tiles are an almost invisible alternative to the standard roof panels of today.

During 2016 SolarCity unveiled a step in between the standard solar roof panels with glass roof panels which were not only just as effective, but were great for the look of the property too. However, it seems that this just wasn’t enough for Tesla and its creator Elon Musk, for now they have gone a step further.

They have created the solar roof tile. Designed to have the appearance of a regular roof tile, they work much like the larger solar panels, converting any sunlight that hits their surface into electric energy.

In order to try these amazing inventions out, the founders of Tesla installed them in their own homes in the US, and it seems that they are really working as they hoped.

It is anticipated that the price of these roof tiles will be calculated based on your need, which is worked out using a calculator which will take into account the amount of solar input your could anticipate achieving with the tiles.

Whilst it may be a little while before they become commonplace in new builds here in the UK, it looks like the idea behind solar energy is definitely going to have somewhat of a revamp soon.

We are sure that property builders and planners are going to get on board with this amazing invention, especially since it could have a huge positive impact on the energy that is used and how this could protect the planet. All without taking away any of the beauty of the house that they have spent so much time putting together.

Want to see just how a solar city roof tile can look on a property?

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