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Buffer Tanks For Wood Pellet Boilers


Uses & Benefits of Buffer Tanks

Buffer Tanks tend to be used in renewable energy installations in conjunction with Biomass and Solar systems, where the heat is stored in the buffer tank, then used throughout the rest of the day.

This method reduces the length of time the boiler needs to be on and therefore reduces the boiler & pump cycling – which is when the boiler fires up and down to top up heat too regularly.

Boiler cycling is a huge concern as it not only reduces the operational life of the Biomass Boiler, it also increases the changes of breakdowns and the need for servicing but it also increases fuel consumption.


Products Features

  • Upright storage tank made of steel S235JR
  • Primer coated on the outside
  • 100mm CFC free soft PU-foam insulation
  • PVC coating in RAL 9006 or other colours on request
  • All threads are internal
  • Ability to add immersion heater
  • Compressive strength 3 bar 

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