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Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Communities are a way of meeting like minded people who want to contribute, learn and improve the environment around them.

We exhibited in Devizes at the weekend at a Sustainable Devizes event called “Low Energy Devizes”. There were a number of speakers including an interesting presentation on the Green Deal from Robin Brookes.

For people researching how to reduce their CO2 emissions or reduce their energy consumption, this event was very useful. If you contribute to groups such as Sustainable Devizes there are regular meetings and other events on different topics. You can share experiences and learning with other people. This may help you to make a key decision that you have been thinking about.

There are similar groups all over the country. They do not just concentrate on energy but cover topics such as food and transport. For instance there is a Cycle Devizes event on 6th October.

A quick look in Wiltshire, finds groups in Marlborough, Calne, Melksham, or Bradford on Avon.

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