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The Green Deal FAQ for Renewable Heating (Part 2)

The Renewable Heat Premium Payments have been extended for Renewable heating until March 2014. For this phase the payments for biomass have increased from £950 to £2000. Solar thermal payments have increased from £300 to £600.

The homes that qualify have to be off gas apart for solar thermal.

All awards will be made following a Green Deal Assessment of the property. This may help in a number of ways:

  1. The assessment will give an EPC and advice on how the home can reduce carbon emissions
  2. The home owner may want to take advantage of the suggestions and the upfront cash available through the electricity bill.
  3. There are also other grants or incentives that may be available on loft insulation or other measures that the home owner can be made more aware of.

At the moment the EPC may still show the Renewable options as more expensive however the Green Deal Adviser should point out the carbon saving. Unfortunately it is unclear whether renewable energy units will be considered to be efficient. At the moment the SEDBUK database lists all the fossil fuel boiler efficiency ratings. So

The step of involving the Green Deal at this stage may well help home owners with their Renewable Heat Incentive applications when this incentive is brought out.

There still seem to be some answered and unanswered questions on the Green Deal:

  1. The finance is 7% – why is it so much more expensive than a remortgage?
  2. Hard to heat homes with solid walls may yet get some help, but it is still unclear what this will be or how it will work.
  3. To claim the RHPP you wont have to undertake the suggestions in the Green Deal Assessment providing you have the relevant insulation measures identified. However you may have had to carry these out for the RHI.
  4. If you want to claim the funds for the microgeneration installation then the installers need to be both MCS accredited and Green Deal approved. If you do not want to access the Green Deal funds but want to claim the RHPP and have the RHI in the future then you just need an MCS accredited installation.
  5. Green Deal Advisors can be located here however it is not clear whether there are any advisors in the Wiltshire area. There are however 2 or 3 currently finishing their assessments and we could put you in touch with them. There is also who have a quota of 100 Green Deal Assessments that they can offer for free in the Wiltshire and Gloucester area.
  6. If you have an A rated gas boiler this gives you a good EPC rating. There is currently no similar system for wood pellet boilers, Air Source heat pumps etc. Hopefully the software will catch up with reality soon!
  7. If you are a self builder you can claim the RHPP, however if you purchase a plan from a developer then you will not qualify nor is it likely that you would need or want a Green Deal assessment.
Overall this is very positive news. It does make  installations more viable and it does show further commitment from the government towards the RHI and promoting renewable living in the domestic housing sector.
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