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Thermal Stores and Saving Space on Renewable Installations

Thermal Stores and Saving Space on Renewable Installations

Thermal stores are a way of saving some space and ensuring plentiful hot water from a renewable installation.

We all like convenience and within the modern estate house you do find combination boilers that can provide plentiful domestic hot water on demand. This disposes the need for a hot water tank which is valued in many houses where space is at a premium.

Renewable heating systems that use solar thermal, heat pumps, log boilers or pellet boilers in the main cannot produce heat or hot water on demand in the same way. Pellet boilers can get close, but often the compromise is a higher rated system that will probably cost more and will be a larger size than is needed for heating.

Thermal stores can help to solve this issue and provide options for using more than one heat source at the same time.

For instance a 4 bedroom detached house with reasonable insulation may need a 10-15kW boiler to supply heating and domestic hot water. If there are 2 or 3 bathrooms with showers then you may be offered a 40kW boiler to supply hot water on demand.

A thermal store such as the HYG tank can store hot water for heating to provide an efficient heating system. You can also plug in a number of heat sources e.g. biomass and solar thermal. The HYG tank is filled with hot water from the heat source. It has a coil running up the middle of the tank. As cold water flows through this it is warmed by the hot water in the tank and produces plentiful domestic hot water.

For instance a 500 Liter HYG tank can produce 375 liters of hot water on demand once the water temperature has reached 60 degrees Centigrade in the tank. This means that you can use a 10-15 kW boiler/heat source for a 4 bedroom detached home and:

  • only use one tank, saving space
  • combine more than 1 renewable source.
  • Stores hot water for heating ensuring efficient use of boiler
  • Provides plentiful hot water

Retail prices start at £1500 and are G3 compliant. Pressurization kits can be provided as needed. For further details please contact us or get further details from our Sunsystem site

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